New Player – When you Arrive!

You can arrive at Blue Mountain Campground as early as 6PM on Friday.  Friday is often a night used to socialize and relax before the event starts.  When you do arrive, feel free to introduce yourself and make yourself at home.  The rooming list will be emailed to all who have registered, as well as posted on the doors upon arrival of our staff.  Find your room and set up!

The next day begins with registration.  Registration is located in the back room (where the noise and the line is).  It usually opens at about 9am.  Registration is where you pay for your game and get your cast character sheet along with any last minute updates (for adventurers).   You will also get an orientation on Xanodria and how we do things, as well as go through fighting certification for safety purposes.  If you are playing as cast, you will also have a meeting in the morning to explain the story and your roles in it!  After that, there will be some free time until the event starts at noon.

Game ends at about noon on Sunday.  After that, there is a game-wrap meeting to go over important announcements and to find out about the next game.  Following that is lunch and cleanup.  Most people leave between 2-4pm.

The very first game is extremely busy for new players.  Try not to get overwhelmed.  The most important thing to remember is that every single one of the people on site will help you out and answer questions.

Should you have any questions, you can ask our New Player Liaison (Dave), or our VP of Customer Care (Mike H) by checking out the Contact Us page.