Welcome to XPI!

Xanodria Productions Inc. is a gaming company that produces Living Adventures. We allow you to become a character in another place and time. Want to try your hand at fighting hordes of Goblins with your trusty broadsword? Care to brew up complex Alchemical formulae? Will you dare to plumb the mysteries of magic and craft your own custom spells? Have we got something for you!

We are dedicated to providing the best interactive entertainment available. Take a look at the Our Games section of this site to see what we do, then take a look at the Schedule and come join us for an unforgettable weekend. Afterwards, we think you’ll agree we offer a unique, top-quality experience that’s rare in the Northeast. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

**Try us for FREE!**

Come out and cast, for FREE!  The first game for new cast is free, all you have to do is pay for food.

Interested in trying us out but would rather create your own character? The first game for new adventurers is $25 off.

After your first game, standard game fees and membership dues apply.  See our New Player page for details.

Pre-registration for games usually opens 4-6 weeks before the game weekend, click here to see if any games are available for pre-registration.

A Traegh tribesman from XPI crouches at the ready