Our Games

At Xanodria Productions, we strive to create the best LARP experience available.  Games are full-weekend length – Noon Saturday to Noon-2pm Sunday, except for the High King’s Tourney Game, which runs Labor Day weekend and extends from Noon Saturday to Noon-2pm Monday.

Our events are fully catered, including four meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, leftovers lunch), beverages (lemonade, iced tea, coffee, orange juice, water), snacks and desserts.  With advance notice, we will always attempt to accommodate special dietary needs.

XPI events are live-combat, but not full-contact.  Weapons are constructed of PVC or Aluminum piping, closed-cell and open-cell insulation, and duct tape – our construction guidelines emphasize safety over appearance.  We include special construction and play rules to allow the use of actual archery In-Game!  Spells and other non-weapon effects are simulated by small bean-bags.  Our original combat system differs from many LARPs in that we use a hit-location rather than a hit-point system.  You may be protected by several layers of armor or spells, but if an unprotected location is hit, it is disabled!