About XPI

Xanodria Productions Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1993 by a group of live-action roleplayers (LARPers) who wanted to create a realistic system for live-action roleplaying in a fantasy world. The first few games’ average attendance was under 20 and were held on private land in central PA.

Since those humble beginnings over 20 years ago, XPI has grown into one of the longest-running, premiere live roleplaying companies in the Northeast United States. During our history, we have produced over 100 events ranging from Medieval Fantasy games to H.P. Lovecraft-based horror games to science fiction and cyberpunk modules.

The company and its games are run entirely by dedicated volunteers. Our schedule currently features 6, weekend-long events with an average attendance of between 60 and 70 players. We are proud of our gaming community!

XPI’s shareholders meet once a year and the Board of Directors meets quarterly. Interested in owning part of the company? Contact Us for more information!