New Player – What to bring?

XPI is a multi-day event, and as such we recommend bringing the following with you:


*Clothes for 3 days

*Comfortable shoes for hiking/various types of terrain.  Preferably not neon or brightly colored.

*Toiletry kit


*Bug spray

*Suntan lotion

*A cup or mug to use for the weekend

*Clothes or weapons for your character (for Adventurers)




For cast:

*Black sweatpants

*Black t-shirt

~~The above are the only things you really need.  But if you would like to bring more, we suggest:

*White headband

*Blue headband

*Orange headband

*Any medieval type clothes that may help with the characters you are set to play


~~Headbands are available for sale at check-in if you’d like to purchase one for yourself.  Otherwise, if you don’t want to purchase or bring one, there are a limited amount available for use during the weekend.