New Players

Welcome to the New Player section of Xanodria! There will be a lot to learn once you get on site, but that’s for later.  This page is the before game info.

Our Medieval Fantasy games are set in the world of Xanodria.  Xanodria is a completely original setting, which already had a rich expanse of background detail when we first began playing.  After twenty years of songs, stories, poems, artwork and other additions, it has only become more unique. All that wealth of glorious detail has served to create a fascinating and complex tapestry of nations, creatures, histories, and people that serves as backdrop to each and every Xanodria: Medieval Fantasy event.

The philosophy of our MF Games is “What you see is what you get.”  Whenever possible, we strive to favor action over simulation.  If you gain a skill In-Game, you will probably have gained some small portion of real-world ability (magic notwithstanding).  If you see a monster, you shouldn’t need to ask what it looks like – you will see it, and run or fight accordingly!  Learn more about how we put this policy into practice in our Skills, Faith and Magic sections.

For various reasons, Adventurers in MF are only permitted to play Humans.  Limited exceptions to this policy (part-humans) are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Cast on the other hand, can appear as whatever the situation calls for… Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Desert Kobold… Hugo (the creature from the lake)… and an infinite variety of other beings and creatures.



What to bring?

When you arrive!