The World

Most Scholars and other learned persons are agreed that the world of Xanodria is a roughly cubical planet(1), between 115 and 210 leagues across.  Its motion within the firmament of stars is unclear – it is understood that the sun and single moon travel around Xanodria at regular speeds, but the movements of the stars have never been fully understood – at least by humans.

Human civilization exists on but one face of the cube (generally referred to as “The Face“).  There is evidence to suggest *all* the other faces are inhabited.  The most direct contact was with a race known as the Urik.  Their peculiar physiology and motivations(2) strongly suggest the “Eastern Face” is comprised mostly or entirely of water.  There are also those who argue that the creation of the Great Desert, which borders the Southern edge, suggests that the “Southern Face” is comprised of fire.  Speculation on the nature of the other bordering faces is left as an exercise to the educated reader.  Almost nothing is known about the “nether face”, though rumors of strange lands and peoples there have begun to spread of late.

Xanodria’s moon (known simply as “the moon”) is usually whitish-grey, but it was not always so.  Until only a few years ago, the moon was a vibrant green in hue.  Some speculate that it was once a lush forest, and was decimated by some unknown blight.  Others that it is not a body at all, but a portal to lands of strange energy, and some battle there shifted its direction.  Many don’t care, as it’s certainly easier to see by at night now. That its change coincides with the so-called “Freeing of Anadryan” certainly lends some credence to that tale, though we may never know for certain what occurred.

(1) The original meaning of this term is lost, but its context in the creation myth has in modern times led it to be defined as “a body in the firmament large enough to support life, which does not circle another body”.  This definition is still debated, as Scholars have never actually found evidence of another body to which it could be applied.

(2) On two seperate occasions, they apparently attempted through great ritual magics to drastically raise the water level of the Middle Sea, thus flooding the Face.  For more details, reference “The [Alchemical] Calamity” and “The Elven and Urik War”.